Starting to enjoy the game a bit more.

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To be fair, I thought I'd post a thread speaking of some of my new found likes, vs being totally one sided on the hate side. It's easy to hate games these days, and even easier to forget the few over the top thrills you DO get if a game doesn't live up to your expectations overall, so here goes.

First off, if you're playing on PC and one of the many whom have a mediocre rig, or even a farily decent one but getting less than expected performance, try setting the LockTo30 command to True. This command line is found in Documents\Criterion Games\Need For Speed(TM) Most Wanted. The file to edit is called "config.NFS13Save". You can edit it with Notepad. LockTo30 is the 2nd command line shown near the top of the [Display] section of the file.

Now I know perfectly well a lot of people are bothered by the idea of playing at only 30 FPS, esp on a fairly decent rig, but until they put out a patch that optimizes the game better, it's better than going from 60 FPS to 20 and getting that yo yoing acceleration and steering from the stutters that occur when the frame rate isn't locked down. Since using the 30 cap I've been able to beat the Hard races without several attempts due to fighting the choppiness like I was before.

The fact that they put a LockTo30 option in the config file could indicate they may have already tried and failed to better optimize the game, and decided to throw that in as a fall back option, but hopefully it just means they put that in as a temp workaround and wanted to get more feedback to see how many were having performance problems before deciding on a performance patch. Such feedback if detailed can also often tell them what needs fixing.

The odd thing is, and this is what makes me feel the game can be performance improved, I reinstalled the game and started from the beginning again. Without even applying the LockTo30 tweak, I was getting smooth performance my first session. Then after watching TV a bit and coming back to the game later, the yo yoing choppiness was there again. I defragged and rebooted just to make sure it wasn't fragmentation or lack of free RAM, but still had the yo yoing. So it would appear somehow the game gets progressivley worse on it's own. Whether it's due to inefficient texture streaming, memory leaks, autologging stats, or whatever, who knows, but if it can at least start out smooth, you'd think it could be fixed without capping FPS to 30.

That said, this time through it seems I'm finding a lot of nice cars right off the bat that I didn't on my last run. I rather enjoyed the Jumping Jacks and Mud Bath tracks in the EVO X, and one in an airplane graveyard that is quite interesting while driving one of the muscle cars. The Emmerson Beltway was also pretty good. So far I've found the Lambo Countach, Ford GT, Maserati, Caterham Superlight, Chevy Camaro, Chevy Corvette ZR1, Tesla, and Ford Raptor, just to name a few.

I sometimes wish there was a mod to minimize or remove the ridiculous amounts of road spray, but there seems to be no easy way to edit the BNDL files other than completely recompiling them with 2 or 3 tools.

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Thanks for the tip on Lockto30. Helps things out a bunch. Controls seem much better now without the lag. They really need to release a patch and try and smooth things out.

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Thanks for the tip on Lockto30. Helps things out a bunch. Controls seem much better now without the lag. They really need to release a patch and try and smooth things out.omega11

No problem, I consider it a temp workaround at best though. If I were playing on a high end GPU I'd def want better than 30 FPS. I don't have much confidence in EA funding a performance patch though.