SP points gone...

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hey everyone so i got nfs most wanted for ps3. i did the 1.02 update then it automatically connected me to online. i had 500k sp points in single player now it put me back to 37k points. i took down 6 of the 10 top most wanted now i have to start from scratch? is there any way to get my single player sp points back cuz i already put 8 hours into this game and i dont wanna start from scratch, PLEASE HELP
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Hi orivv, sounds very frustrating especially when youve put all that work in. I only have the PC version, not sure you will get much help on here either since gamespot is a general forum for all games and the moderators don't seem to give specific game advice, your simply relying on people who have had the same problem as you to read your post and then give you this fix which is very unlikely however, you could visit EA help forums here https://help.ea.com/contact-us where they can give you advice on Need For Speed Most Wanted but you will have to register first, you can speak with them live so no waiting for reply emails to your problem, good luck and let us know how you get on because I'm interested what the fix is :-)