Question about the controls

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I have NFS Hot Pursuit and I loved that game, but I felt that the controls were pretty laggy and unresponsive. If you see a car in front of you coming fast, you can't swerve out of the way because there is like a half second delay between when you move the analog stick and when the car actually moves. At high speeds its not as bad, and it didn't bother me while drifting, but doing more precise manuevers was really hard because of the input lag. I played the Burnout Paradise demo though, and it was much quicker to react. I could easily swerve around traffic and all of my crashes were my fault, not the game's fault. Is the handling in this game more like Hot Pursuit, or more like Burnout Paradise? If it's more like Hot Pursuit then that sucks because this game has a lot more traffic and tight turns and the handling of Hot Pursuit makes it really hard to maneuver through that traffic.

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less arcade and more like The Run