I need some racing friends that will have fun and not just be an a-hole

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I need some quality racing gang members that I can look for playing and enjoy the multiplayer with without having everybody just bein a jerk more worried bout crashing fellow racers than actually racing. I know it is hard cuz this game does feel a bit too much like burnout than the last Most Wanted game. I really feel like the game did come out in what I can only assume was a rush to try and not loose many sales to Forza Horizon,so far NFS just feels like they just didnt have time to really fine tune the game and add everything that racers want. But,I spent 60 bux and even tho it didnt live up to my hopes of it being even better than the first one I am still gonna play it and the only way I can see myself doing a lot of multiplayer if there are some like minded drivers out there wanting to be competative but also being friendly and having some fun. I get enuf punk azzes on the real roads of ohio so it would be nice to hook up with racers on NFS that want to also be known as real drivers. I am speedfreakjj on xbox or email me on yahoo thru johnnylaw21 if ya wanna talk cars,especially in ohio as I would like to actually start up a car club next spring,I myself am about sport compacts but I welcome any racer and driver that enjoys performance over looks. I myself have a mildly tuned 02 toyota celica gt withh the action package 5spd and satin black paint...anybody out there into real world goin fast or video game world racing should look me up

Johnny "JJ"

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anytime man, always drivin the LFA, i'm down for a challenege 

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Pats27fan...lets do this!!!
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lets do this let me know when you add me and from where so I can approve u here is my gamertag



deadzombies456 lets play! multiplayer is a lot of fun then single player.....

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sorry I havnt added you guys yet,I had one guy from texas friend me when I was online but so far he was it,I didnt think to check back here so when I get back onto multiplayer this weekend I will add you. as long as anybody joining this little online racer gang abides by the 3 commandments,we want to win a race,but wont purposely wreck somebody to get the win...2,we wont be cruel as in no constant f bombs or making racial or lifestyle choice jokes,we welcome anybody from any background and any type of car lover,and finally 3 comes down to respect,treat everybody how you want treated from racing like a gentleman,or lady,to respecting the person. I just want a group of drivers that enjoy driving,enjoy the challenge without the need to cheat,racers that can accept a 3rd place finish as humbly as a first and will not drive just to be a jackass,there are plenty of games you caan drive around smashing others...It is a lot to ask and I am very optimistic and as much as I think there are others out there like me,i also think it may be a tough task to find even a group of 4 racers let alone 8 or more.

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Add me





My psn is sh4h_-_7