Another game gamers don't like but critics love

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That seems to be the consensus. Give NFS back to Blackbox and let Criterion keep Burnout, don't try to mix them, no one wants them mixed.

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Agreed. Though I don't know if BlackBox is the right choice. They did the atrocious NFS Undercover afterall.
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well i for one think this game is awesome..most fun ive had in a racing game for a very long time..havnt enjoyed a racing game this much since GRID..yes it is very simular to burnout paradise but dont see how thats a bad thing..instead of just hating for hate sakegive a good reason why the dislike..its fast,thrilling,exciting,and just makes you want one more go..never much liked last few NFS games but this one defo gets a thumbs up.
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I personally love this game, but I also have mentally slapped on the title "burnout" ever since i saw that it was the next rendition of Burnout Paradise.


I can get why Need for speed fans are hating this game.  The only mistake this game made is carrying the franchise NFS and not burnout (which i think was definitly more of EA pushing criterions hand than anything else)

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My reason is the gameplay mechanics from Criterion. I love the old NFS games; the ones with Ferraris until Hot Pursuit 2. After I played this for four hours on my compy, I couldn't deal with this compared to Forza Horizon. Sheesh, Matt and Craig shouldn't get acquired by EA in the very beginning.