User Rating: 9.3 | Need for Speed Most Wanted PS2
Need for Speed (NFS) returns once again as the ever popular driving game. In Most Wanted, you will be playing to complete only one objective: climb on top of the blacklist and face your nemesis to win back your sweet BMW. Most Wanted follows a very similar concept as NFSU2, where you will be driving in a big city looking for races. Once you have completed a certain number of races against common racers, you will be able to face opponents that are on the blacklist. Win against them, and you will keep take that opponents place on the blacklist. You will have to repeat the same routine over and over again as you climb the blacklist. As you climb the list, new parts of the city will open, and races will become harder.but not too much.

Graphics: Like I said before, the customization is pretty limited. But other than that, Most Wanted is pretty good in graphical presentation. The cars look more realistic. One thing that really makes NFS: Most Wanted a great driving game is that it is very cinematic. When you encounter a cop, the camera will zoom on the cop which makes it feel like a movie.