You can't call yourself a racer until you've played this! The NFS series never ceases to amaze!!

User Rating: 8.7 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
Need For Speed: Most Wanted - even the title is enough is to get the adrenaline flowing, imagine the state when u're actually playing it. Experienced players will agree that this game is by far the best racing game EA's come up with yet. So now lets get into the depths a little.

NFS:MW is yet another illegal street racing game but the best thing in its favour is that its not repetitive. It doesn't just repeat the previous games with better graphics, as we've seen many developers doing, its a fully innovative game. EA has done a great job and raised the bar by a fair few notches.

You're a newcomer to the Rockport metropolis and before you know it you run into Razor Callahan and what follows is a sabotage which dumps u down at the bottom of the Blacklist and him at the top. But, being the die hard racer you are, you want revenge and thats teh basic story of the game. As u'll have come to know by now the storyline is very interesting and the sometimes-hilarious cutscenes are a treat to watch. Enough with the story and onto the gaming details.

There are 4 game modes.
Career, which takes you through the storyline and here's where you'll be able to work your way up the Blacklist and show the others who's boss ;).Tonnes to do in this mode. You'll engage in multilap circuit races, point-A-to-point-B sprint races, drag racing, checkpoint-driven tollbooth races, and speed trap, where the winner is the player that accumulates the most speed while passing by a handful of radar cameras spread throughout the track.
Quick race, which as the name suggest gives you instant action.
Challenges,where u have to fulfill certain mission objectives and
Online play were you play head to head with other races from around the globe.

The graphic detailing is amazing. The city's different parts add variety to the game. Not to forget, accessories for your vehicle can make it the baddest machine this side of the pc. The overall gameplay is quite satisfying. The sound for this game is brilliant with engine noises changing on the type of car u're using and the upgrades u've installed. The game uses quite a bit of voice acting in the story, which is also very good.

Whats an illegal street racing game without cops eh. The cops for this game are the smartest of their kind. They'll use every trick in the book to nail you such as roadblocks, spike strips and so on. Even the cop sounds are unique for this game. They really sound way more authentic then their predecessors and with enough practice you'll be able to decode them to figure out what they're planning against you. The cop chases are of course the main point of this game and they can be quite unpredictable at times. Like u can be chased by just 1-2 for one race but if u give it a go again its very much possible that the whole force is after you with dozens chasing you on road and the helicopter flying above monitoring your every move.

To sum it up, its a great game, the best of its genre and a must-play for all. Go ahead and play it.