[ NOT ] As Bad As You Night Think!

User Rating: 9.1 | Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 PSP
alright you cry babies look, this game isnt as bad as the other reviewers say! it holds it own graphicaly and gameplay wise as any other racer its not the best but it does its job.

for the graphics, not quite as stunning as Burnout/Ridge Racer but still very nice taking a clue from NFSU: Rivals its almost identical except for some little additions like better reflections on cars and a MUCH MUCH MUCH better take on the sense of speed also the bullet time driving is a nice touch!

The sound, F'in ANNOYING its repetitive but decent, rich but ludacrous! basicaly it is good and deep for the first 5 races tops then its drab and uninspired at best same sounds = BORING!! come on EA you already own half the world!! give us decent sound! =p

The gameplay is everything you'd expect drive fast on roads (finally not at night)
and win engine/body modifications then haul ass even faster! This game tends to be rather easy for the majority of the game but will surprise the heck out of the unexpected players who carelessly roam the track expecting first place. While being easy most the time, it has VERY hard races thrown in from early on to the end. While almost identical again to NFSU: Rivals but the addition of cops and more gametypes makes this a buy for any NFS fan also if you still own NFSU: Rivals SELL IT AND BUY THIS ITS BETTER I SWEAR! lol.

Online, well not much of a large community but they are there in samll numbers anyway. I just got the game yesterday so i can't be too specific but i signed up for EA Nation and signed on to NFS: MW and there where only about Ooo... 13 people online while its basically one-on-one racing through Infrastructure mode (new addition BTW) can add CPU cars to the mix for a bigger race feeling, the AD HOC i got to try out when i first bought the game (me and my buddies roam in packs) so 3 of us bought it yesterday and had a quasi Lan-party it ran smooth aloowing up to 4 players on AD HOC instead of two on the Infrastructure mode. But regardless its a good solid attepmt to get this new NFS game onto PSP i like they dont whatever opions are like a**holes everyones got one.

I think EA did pretty good and would recommend this game to anyone who likes NFS, and especially to all those people like me who still play NFS: Rivals even though you're bored with it and have beaten it!

[reviewers tilt of (9)]