Sad, sick and disgusting game. Flaws in every aspect. DO NOT BUY!

Many people have waited a long time for this game to be released. And really, why wouldn't you? Mercenaries the original was extremly fun and offered alot. Certainly the people would expect even more from the sequal, even more so with all the fuss EA made about it. But sadly, Mercenaries 2 simply did not deliver deliver the goods.

Graphics: From 1-10, I give it a -8 (negative eight). With the graphics maxed out and the best video card, you will still be driving a truck that looks to be made from several fuzzy squares. Buildings often have walls that look like a single huge pixel. Trees and faces and really everything else has distorted pixles which ends up looking like shards of glass mashed together and vibrating.

Gameplay: Once again, 1-10, this one gets maybe a 0.0005! Really, the only fun thing is calling in support and watching things blow up. But the fun is EASILY sucked out of it when you consider that often times it don't even work. Even throwing a grenade feels gay, since there is a sky-blue tail with every grenade. toss. The controls can be changed slightly, so that really isn't too much of an issue. Although the default setting is flawed. Little icons show what button you have to press, but you have to research it in the manual to know what each icon means. Takeing tanks from the bad guys gets very very boring since it is the same action every time.

Sound: The music is garbage, the voices are off sync and sometimes cut-out. More than anything, your character is always saying these extremly annoying "catch phrases" or something, and there is no way to shut it off.

This game has nothing to offer. It is little better than a useless waste of time and money, which unfortunatly got the hopes up of many gamers. It should be one of those weird games that you never hear of or see on the shelves of stores, but you only might find it in a value bin at the mall. I am begging you EA Games, stop releasing your d**m games without going over them more. ALOT more.