Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Cheats For PC

  1. Titanic ship in Aquatica!

    When racing in Aquatica in Forward Direction, there is a dark seaside area close to the hairpin turn known as the "Orchard Hairpin". If you stop your car here and keep observing the ocean, you will find the Titanic ship sailing across the ocean after regular intervals of time.

    Contributed by: Sundar Subramaniam 

  2. Unlock Mercedes CLK-GTR

    Win the Expert Tournament to unlock the Mercedes CLK-GTR.

    Contributed by: Masamune3 

  3. Unlock Jaguar XJR-15

    Win the Beginner Tournament to unlock the Jaguar XJR-15.

    Contributed by: Masamune3 

  4. Codes

    Before starting a race, enter one of the following codes at any of the menus to enable the respective cheat:

    Code Effect
    madland All cars are fast
    ckjones Colored cars
    merc CLK GTR bonus car
    dcop Diablo pursuit car
    elninor El Nino pursuit car
    ecop El Nino bonus car
    empire Empire City track
    gofast Fast car
    newcars Jaguar XJR-15 and secret police pursuit cars
    jag Jaguar XJR-15 car
    bullhorn Police yell comments during chase
    rushhour Race with more traffic
    monkey Race in manual transmission
    macr All pursuit mode cars
    43 Voice on radio in single player mode
    go04 BMW 5 series
    go03 Cargo truck
    go08 Ford fullsize van
    go07 Jeep Cherokee
    go11 Range Rover
    go20 Range Rover cop car
    go01 Mazda Miata
    go12 School Bus
    go16 Sedan
    allcars All Cars

    Contributed by: Kuja The Destructor 

  5. Unlockable Cars

    To Unlock Following Cars, Complete Certain Tasks

    Code Effect
    Avoid arrest on all tracks to be "Most Wanted" In Hot Pursuit Mode El Nino
    Achieve ticket quota on all tracks to be "Top Cop" In Hot Pursuit Mode Pursuit Diablo SV

    Contributed by: MarvThem 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Unlockable Cars

    You must play the difficulty in tournament mode and place first.

    Code Effect
    Beat begginer difficulty in tournament mode. Jaguar XJR-15
    Beat expert difficulty in tournament mode. Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR

    Contributed by: silenthill12345 

  2. Passwords

    Cheats can be activated by using them as usernames.

    Code Effect
    AMGMRC Unlocks Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR
    1JAGX Unlocks Jaguar XJR-15
    SPOLIT Unlocks all cars and tracks except for hidden tracks
    SEEALL New camera views: Shotgun 2 & 3, Circle, Rear, Chase
    XCAV8 Unlocks Caverns
    GLDFSH Unlocks Scorpio-7
    XCNTRY Unlocks AutoCross
    ROCKET Unlocks El Nino
    MNBEAM Unlocks Space Race
    PLAYTM Unlocks The Playroom

    Contributed by: Rage012 

  3. Misc. Codes

    Code Effect
    Choose Redrock Ridge as your course, then before the game loads, press: Down, R1, L2 Change the green landrovers to Gum Ball Police.
    To enter this code you first have to enter Hot Pursuit, Single Race (with traffic or with other racers), etc. After pressing start at speedometer, hold L2+R1+Select+Start until the loading screen disappears. Powerful Horn
    Select + Square + X Heavy Car
    Up + X + Triangle Slow Motion
    Left + Square + Circle Horsepower (25% Boost)
    Select Rocky pass then hold Right + R1 + L2; for Summit hold Down + R1 + R2 No Police Jeeps*

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  4. Different speaking Police

    Hold the corresponding buttons during the loading screen for cops to speak in a different language/accent (only works in Hot Pursuit mode):

    Code Effect
    Up + R1 + L2 Police with a Southern Accent
    Up + R2 + L1 Police talking German
    Down + R2 + L1 Police talking Spanish
    Left + R2 + L1 Police talking Italian
    Right + R2 + L1 Police talking French

    Contributed by: Warhawk 

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