Extremely dissapointed with this abysmal title.

Well, how do I start this off. Terrible......,frustrating...........,......... abysmal if I may say so myself. This game was surprisingly dumb. Even I, a hardcore DBZ fan was highly dissapointed with the gameplay, graphics, and controls as well as the storyline. I only played the game for 30 minutes and I thought it was stupid.

--Graphics-- 2

The game's graphics were horrible (I'm cutting them some slack) The fact that at some times I was more content with watcthing the start menu rather then play the game, was kinda sad. I would rathe rather play NES than this game ever again. This game's graphics looks like they came out of my computer(It's oooooooooooooooooold) and at sometimes lagged.

--Sound-- 4

There was nothing really special about this game's sound. Hearing Goku make a sound like he's moron when he's punching can kinda get repetitive after a while.

--Gameplay-- 1

What the ............. I mean really, how bad can you make a game? There's a feature that allows you to lock on to your enemies. Sounds good, right? NO. The thing is, half the time you don't even hit them and (I know) you can't even move while you are locked on. The punching is awkward and so is the kicking. The combos are gay.................

--Value-- 1
With Dragonball Z Budokaiseries out, get those instead,please.


--Overall-- 1

The game totally screwed up DBZ's reputation. Although I have to give it a two just because it's a DBZ game.Please, please don't ever play it. Whatever you liked about the DBZ name, you WILL have doubts after you play this game.