Best Call of Duty game in the series

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the sequel to Black Ops which was one of the best games ever made then with its all new zombie mode to the COD series and had a great multiplayer, This obviously meant that Treyarch and Activison had to A) Make it better than MW3 and B) Make it better than Black Ops and boy they did that well. First off the campaign I thought wasn't as good as MW3, I think Black Ops 2 sandbox was great but I just couldn't quite get attached to the storyline as much as I did with MW3's campaign. The multiplayer however is great, I think it has solid maps such as NukeTown 2025, Hijacked and Standoff. Having said that though it does really suck with 3, maybe 4 maps which are Yemen, Cargo, Drone and Slums isnt great either. The rest of the maps aren't too shabby and has its ups and downs, however I think its better than MW3's multiplayer as there is more ways to play in this game. Last but not least zombies is also good although i dont play it that much it is very exciting and will keep you attached to the screen for a few hours while you play on Tranzit mode as you cling on for dear life on the broken window of a bus with one hand and blast some zombies with a Five-Seven in the other. Overall I think Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the best game in the COD series so far with a brillant multiplayer and improved zombies mode this is a game not to put back on the shelf.