Need for Speed II Cheats For PC

  1. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    Win Tournament Mode Ford Indigo
    Win Knockout Mode Monolithic Studios Track
  2. Bonus Cars

    Type one of the following codes at the main menu screen to race as its matching vehicle:

    bus -- School Bus
    bmw -- BMW
    commanche -- Jeep Commanche
    jeepyj -- Jeep YJ
    landcruiser -- Toyota Landcruiser
    mercedes -- Mercedes Benz
    miata -- Mazda Miata
    quattro -- Audi Quattro
    semi -- Semi
    snowtruck -- Snowplow
    vanagon -- Volkswagen Van
    volvo -- Volvo
    vwbug -- Volkswagen Bug
    vwfb -- Volkswagen Fastback
    armytruck -- Army Truck
    drive29 -- Monolitihic Studios Bus
    drive30 -- Limousine
    drive31 -- Citroen 2CV
    drive36 -- Cart
    drive37 -- Outhouse
    drive38 -- T-Rex
    drive39 -- Cowboy wagon
    drive40 -- Wagon
    drive41 -- Souvenier Stand 1
    drive42 -- Souvenier Stand 2
    drive43 -- Souvenier Stand 3
    drive44 -- Log
    drive45 -- Monorail
    drive46 -- Hoverpolice
    drive47 -- UFO
    drive48 -- Sewage Truck
    drive49 -- Snowy Wooden Box 1
    drive50 -- Snowy Wooden Box 2

  3. Ford Indigo

    To unlock the Ford Indigo type RED RACER at the main menu.

  4. Monolithic Studios

    To unlock the bonus track Monolithic Studios, type HOLLYWOOD at the main menu.

  5. Faster Engine

    To upgrade all vehicles to the Pioneer engine, type PIONEER at the main menu. This makes all cars accelarte much faster.

  6. Less traction on roads

    At the car selection screen, enter the code 'SLIP'. This will reduce the traction on the roads and therefore, increase the difficulty.

  7. Race at Night

    Hold n in after clicking on RACE to make it night time.

  8. More traffic

    For more traffic simply type "Rushhour" at the main menu.

  9. Bonus Cars

    Type one of the following codes at the main menu screen to race as a new vehicle:

    Code Effect
    BOMBER A chevy
    TOMBSTONE A Daytona car
    FZR2000 A futuristic car

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ FAQ by alexj2002 18K
FAQ FAQ by Sir Gareth 8K

Need for Speed II Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Drive In The Jungle

    Race in Monolithic Studios until you reach the Jurassic Park segment. After you pass the first 2 huts on your right, drive about 20 feet and you will be able to turn right and enter the jungle.

  2. Better Engines

    Code Effect
    POWRUP Better Engines
  3. Bonus Track

    Code Effect
    SHOTME Bonus Track
  4. Bonus Cars

    Note:These work in 1 Player Mode if Playing in 2 Player replace the ME with U.And they don't appear in the car selection,just start a race and you will be driving it.

    Code Effect
    ARMYME Army Truck
    BUGME VW Beetle
    CITME Citroen 2CV
    LIMOME Limo
    LOGME Log
    MAZME Mazda Miata
    OUTHME Outhouse
    QUATME Audi Quattro
    SEMIME Truck Cab
    SNOWME Snow Truck
    VANME Camper Van
    BNZME Mercedes Benz
    BUGME Volkswagon Bug
    BUSME School Bus
    CRATME Shpping Crate
    JEPME Pick-up Truck
    LCME Landcruiser
    LILZIP Drive Ford Indigo Car
    WAGOME Be a Wagon
    VOVME Drive a Volvo
    TREXME Be a T-Rex
  5. Bonus Cars

    Code Effect
    BEETME Volkswagon Beetle
    STDAME Newsstand
    STDBME Covered Newsstand
    STDCME Souveni Stand
    TRAMME Monolithic Studios Team
    YJME Jeep Wrangler
  6. Races in Championship completed

    Go to the Password screen and enter the following codes.

    Code Effect
    LDKMTD Win "Proving Grounds" in Championship
    GRDWPD Win "Outback" and "Proving Grounds" in Championship
  7. Unlocks El Nino car and all tracks

    Enter in the name entry area.

    Code Effect
    SPOILT Unlocks El Nino car and all tracks
  8. More Camera Angles

    Whilst the track is loading press and hold the following sequence for 9 camera angles: R1+ R2 + L1 + L2 + Square + Triangle + Circle + X

  9. Bonus Cars

    Code Effect
    BEETME Saab
    STDAME Green Souvenir Stand
    STDBME Blue Souvenir Stand
    STDCME Red Souvenir Stand
    TRAMME Tram
    YJME Mid 80's Jeep

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ FAQ by alexj2002 18K
FAQ FAQ by Sir Gareth 8K