Old School Gameboy Game Classic to the Modern Great RPG on the DS

Bought this game on eBay for £29.99 in Hong Kong, When it was realised, It took 1week to get to me and I really loved it, Great 3D graphics, Great Animation, Amazing interface and tons of interaction with the touch screen bottom. The only bummer is that its in Japanese languages, really hard to understand the story when you speak English, but besides from that, you can understand what’s going on the screen, if you have played the pokemon series before, than it will take you around 30mins to an hour to understand what’s going on in the game.

My advise would be to look up on the guide or walk through if you do have the Japanese version of the game if you can’t wait that long for the English version. I think its one of the best RPG that the Nintendo Gameboy DS has brought out, keep it up Nintendo, I wish to complete the next adventure.