Amazing graphics, excellent storyline, perfect in every way. Just way too hard and short

=] Looks beautiful, controls wonderfully, great story
=] Superb online features
=] The best minigame in the world. Ever.

=[ Nowhere near enough missions
=[ If you're going for trophies, Veteran mode is just stupidly hard

Amazing piece of work from Treyarch. This could be a classic. The levels are in-depth and gritty, the characters are done brilliantly and the weapons and controls feel individual and realistic. But it's not all hunky-dory.

There just aren't enough levels. Including THE WORLD'S BEST MINIGAME, there are about 15. OK, so they are all done beautifully and they are all unique, but you can and will finish them all in a day. Doesn't sound like £40's worth.

Yes, the trophies will keep you coming back, but that means replaying the levels until they just get repetitive and boring. Plus, there is a trophy for each level you complete on Veteran difficulty. Great, but at that difficulty it is impossible to make any kind of progress, let alone to the end of the mission.

But it's not even worth the effort when you find out that these are just bronze trophies. I mean, you get a silver just for completing level one on ANY difficulty. Where's the satisfaction in spending many aggravating hours trying to do it again on a harder mode for bronze?

That said, the online play is amazing. You are constantly unlocking new game modes and weapons all the way up to level 65, which you won't do in a day. Treyarch probably made the offline game shorter so you could get online quicker, which appears to be what this game was made for.

A risky tactic it must be said, and one that, for me, hasn't paid off. But remember that everything here is done perfectly, there just isn't enough of it. Making Veteran mode possible might help too. Worth £40? You decide.