I just finished the greatest single player campaign in the world; this is coming from a X360 fan

This is my third metal gear solid game that I have played in the series. Im actually more of a X360 fan but the minute I completed this game, I knew there was no other single player game better than this one. I seriously hate everything on ps3 because, they are simply very well polished games with accumulated hype. I mean, even though the x360 exclusives may not have the best visuals, they have replay value, and as much of you don't know, developers only develop games optimized for the X360, instead of actually using all the video memory to render the polygons and anti alias the games like crazy because Microsoft will simply not give it to them like konami had it with sony. Anyway, metal gear solid 4 had an incredible storyline, but I feel every other game in the series had an identical battle system to mgs 4, not really much different, but still the best out there for the espionage genre.