Great mix of Nintendo characters!

Lots of nintendo characters are in this game. This game is pretty cool with all of the unlockable characters' levels' and event matches. Number 51 Final Showdown. I could only beat this with fox by using his up B attack which blast you across the screen to kill Giga BowserAnyways if you are a nintendo fan you must by this game. There are also many weapons to learn to use and characters to learn how to use. Many characters from old- nintendo games are included in this game adding up to a total of 25. Each character has 4 special attacks. There is a great amount of unlockable content in this game including event matches' characters' levels' trophies' and modes. The game has a nice multiplayer and any nintendo fan will love this game immediatelly.
In adventure you will travel through some of the character's stages and fight them in a fully enviromental level. In classic mode' players will fight through a couple of stages of one on one battling and a few other challenges.
There are manymultiplayer modes as well. There are modes like super sudden death where bombs come out of nowhere' Tiny mode which you are tiny in' and giant mode' and even slow motion mode. There are many reasons to keep laying this game. It is a game to keep and will keep you playing more then a rental period by alot.
Any nintendo fan must get this!
This game has plenty to do and lots to unlock. Plenty of unlockables' many bonus modes' and a 4 player multiplayer make this a long game.