This game is obviously targeted to a young audience. The controls are stupid as is the story. Do NOT get this game!

This is a pathetic game. The control to response time is horrible. Your enemies unrealistically appear out of thin air. The various vehicles (NPCs and PCs) in the game have to most absurd motions and movements. The targeting system sucks beyond belief. Yet another game that doesn't do the Transformers any justice. The game lacks a deeper back-story and tutorial. The scale of the environments are unrealistic. It would be nice if you were able to smash the people running from you, but then again this is a game made by Activision...pfffft. The game lacks in all areas. Everything about it is unrealistic. Cool set of characters just got flushed down the toilet once again. The game developers seemed to put this game together very hastily. There is a lack of different opponents. Seems you fight the same ones over and over and over.

Don't waste your money on this game!