Basically - HUGE disappointment. If you enjoyed DoW 1 you might be defeated by how average the sequel is...

User Rating: 6 | Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II PC
First things first:

The main campaign is the weakest part of the game. At the beginning its real fun, but soon gets boring. In addition its ridiculously hard (on the 'hard' level). Enemy is like 10 times tougher than your infantry and gets constant backup. Its really annoying.

Second thing about the campaign - the achievement system. Its almost impossible to obtain highest ranks, because its unbelievably hard to complete the mission fast without losing soldiers and whats more - eliminating at least 80% enemies... That's so $*#&(% irritating...

The cool thing is that throughout the campaign you collect gear and level up your sergeants. But anyway it could be better. Even with powerful gear and abilities enemies will own you without problem when in bigger groups.

The next thing is using environment as cover. It was really good idea. I havent played games which delivered such options. But very often its impossible to fit your squad near some trenches or ruins which makes them extremely vulnerable to enemy assault. And you almost cant move your unites freely - only "stick" them to cover... This is really annoying.

As for the multiplayer. The idea is cool and I hope that it'll help DoW II to last some time. But the possibilities to upgrade your squad (like buying new weapons) is very limited in compare to DoW I where you could hire more marines (now its limited to 4 or 3) and give them up to 4 weapons of your choice. If you equip the squad with a chosen weapon, only one marine gets it. And thats the end of upgrading.... So dumb...

I was hoping for a really good game to enjoy for a long time, but DoW II will keep you satisfied very short.

But the good thing is, that its very likely for Starcraft 2 to be released in march or april. So stay tuned for the return of the best RTS ever.

Hope you enjoyed the review. And sorry for all the grammatical errors, I was typing in haste.

Peace up