Flower may not appeal to blood and guts players, but it's one of the most beautiful games ever crafted.

It's very simple to describe Flower, but it's quite the task to tell you if it's any good. Even after I'd experienced Flower, it was tough for me to understand if what I'd just been through was any fun, or if I was just sucked in by the experience. That's when I realized that Flower isn't as much a game as it is an experience. A very beautiful, sublime, fantastic experience.

Flower's gameplay is very simple. Players use the SIXAXIS to control a pedal using the wind. As you pass by other flowers, a few more pedals join you on your glide through the meadow. The controls actually work very similar to Lair, although Sony's learned their past faults, and the controls are very responsive and feel very natural. Holding down any of the buttons blows wind, pushing the pedals forward. This too feels very natural and responsive. That's really the only gameplay at hand for Flower. It's extremely simple and one dimensional, but it's a real breeze to just jump into and play for a few minutes. It never gets boring.

It's strange. The gameplay in Flower takes a backseat to the presentation. That definitely sounds like a bad thing, but in the end it just may be Flower's greatest strength. The only way to truly describe Flower is that it's beautiful. The valleys are lush and colourful, with excellent wind effects swooping. Each individual blade of grass is detailed to perfection. The game has a definite relaxed vibe to it. This vibe stretches into the game's excellent sound design. The music is very calm and relaxing, and the only true sound effects are from the vegetation swaying. It's such an excellent feeling. Flower in the end seems like a stress reliever. It's just that mellow.

There are no objectives in Flower. The only goal is to sway around with your parade of pedals, bringing lushessness to the land. Some of the levels start out very bleak, but once you hit a group of large flowers, an impressive shockwave of beauty sweeps the land, and more colour appears. In some of the more night oriented levels, you advance through the level by bringing light to the area.

That's what Flower is. It's not truly a game, but it's a lot of fun nonetheless. It doesn't have a lot of meat to it, but for only 10 bucks, it's certainly worth a purchase. If you're solely a blood and guts type of player, you might want to avoid Flower. However, if you're somebody that wants to escape the bleak depression of the real world, and enter a fantastically energized and pretty place, Flower is something you need. It's one of the most beautiful games ever crafted.