Haven't i played this already?

This game is complete garbage! Before I even get into the review I want to note that this game is broken. If you do purchase the expansion just be prepared for server crashes, restarts, and appologies from Blizzard stating that the realms will be down for 4 hours or more while they fix issues with the new content. Heck, even if your playing on the old "content" you still will be sitting at your computer looking at the Sign on screen.

I wish Blizzard would work on making new and interesting game content, rather than putting a new paint job on the same old house. The new world looks the same as the old worlds. Just a few design differences. Nothing truly out of this world or note worthy. The new PVP battleground was nothing to brag about. Picture Alterac Valley with a fortress you defend. The new PVP gear is just a new and even more horrible grind. PVP armor is 60K a piece and there are 5 pieces to collect. Enjoy having no life and spending hours farming the honor needed for those sets.Not to mention enjoy trying to earn those points fighting against the horrible class balancing that Blizzard makes an attempt to fix every new patch.

The real killer is that Blizzard almost forces you to buy the expansion. All the old cities are just about empty now. Shatterah is a ghost town, better yet Outlands are like a barren wasteland now. All the previous battle grounds are now 70+ , so if your decked out in that PVP armor enchanted to the teeth good luck getting swated by people 9 levels higher than you. The only BG that seems untouched is the Alterac Valley(which is 61-70). Mostly what you'll find are bunches of 60's and few 70's as most accounts have moved on and leveled, level some games noticably uneven (20 to 40). There are new arts and crafts for you to learn, and world PVP is still boring as ever. Invade a city and be prepared for 90 Gaurds to spawn and wipe you.

Aside from,10 new levels, some new items and trades, a new area to run around in (which looks more like a missmash of the previous games rolled into one), there really isnt much to do. Blizzard has the greedy idea to keep you playing longer they should at more levels, but once you hit the cap, they give you little to do afterwards. Usually it's one of 3. Raid,ARENA, or make a new character. You'll eventually end up with the same problem you had last game. Decked out in the best armor and bored as hell with nothing to do. Like I always argued with people, Blizzard needs to work on adding fun and exciting game content, not regurgitated ideas from yesteryear.
Overall the Wrath Of The Lich King is nothing new or worth buying, unless you just want to hit 80.