Another exceptional title in the long running franchise.

Armored core has come a LONG way with each game getting better and better. The latest fixes many of the former problems.

Graphics- 8/10
The graphics don't look all that different from the previous two games. There's now more dirt and grime to be found on each part and more realistic explosions. The terrain itself looks a little better and the lighting and special effects are nice enough. There is a problem however, the bullets could really use some better designs. The bullets are still still nothing more than 2D line which is really poor if you ask me.

Sound- 8/10
The soundtrack is still pretty good with its techno pop theme and all the other sounds are okay. The voice acting is decent enough, although I would prefer more dialogue to it. Besides that, there's really nothing more to say. The gunshots again need more better sound effects as usual.

Gameplay- 7/10
The gameplay is really no different than its predecessors and in this one, it fixes some former problems but also creates a few new ones.

To start off, the mechs are now much faster with better turning speed and the mechs control better as well. You can now color not just your mech but even your individual weapons. You can also use the tweak parts option so that they can hold more weight or have more resistance to EMP or heat, (at a cost.) The AI is tougher and the arena has had some changes made.There's no arena mode but you do fight various opponents throughout the story in the arena stage. There's also a point rank system, so the better you do on missions, the more points you recieve and the higher your rank will go. Your competition also can recieve more points and rank up as well. The bonus disk has many remakes of the missions from the previous game to keep you busy after you beat the 60 missions in the single player which adds a good amount of replay value to it.

On the other hand, the AI acts like a coward at times always jumping behind you where you can't attack only to make it more frustrating. The machine guns can only fire short bursts now instead of fully automatic which make them virtually useless. Your weapons do a lot less damage cost even more and hold less ammunition, which makes the game even more frustrating at times. At times, you'll feel overwhelmed to the point of wanting to quit.

Overall, Nexus not a bad game but dosen't differ much from the rest of the series and needs some work.