A stunning achievement by Mr. Kojima and his team!

Simply a great game with a few qualms, let's get the qualms out of the way first. Firstly, the codec sequences are long winded and need a pause button. Second, the "torture" scene was too different from the original. Thirdly, the aftermath of the torture scene....ugh. That's it, nothing else about this game is unattractive. The gameplay has been well oiled, and tightened to a lightning fast speed. The graphics are good looking, with some great art especially the outdoor environments. The sound design is really good, with the music standing out very strongly. Even the main character was great! Mr. clean slate, jumping on point, himself. I haven't even scratched the surface of the extra features either, FYI skateboarding rules. /sarcasm So if you have five bucks you can get this used at Gamestop, or you can get this game in the essential collection, and it's highly recommended