The Godfather is a well plotted out game.

Fun Factor: 8 - A very fun game to play with so many features that will make you wanna play till the end. The Godfather has 5 basic guns the tommy gun, shotgun, magnum, snub nose and the pistol, but the best part about it is all the weapons can be upgraded. It starts of at the normal design at level 1 but you can upgrade it to level 3 making it a lot better gun and changing the look. If you visit the xbox live market place you can get the level 4 upgrade. Once you take over the entire city you're pretty much done because this game will get bored if you're just messing around. Robbing banks and killing people will get tiring after a while but you will enjoy the game while it lasts.

Graphics: 7 - The graphics were good but I thought they could've put more time in the character models and some of the building textures. Right here we just got our casual every day game graphics. Sound: 9 - I thought all of the sound effects were very realistic making this a much more involving gaming experience. The gunfire sounds very real along with the explosions and all of the voice acting was excelent. Replay Value: 7.5 - Once you beat everything the game is pritty much over but the thing is, the game wont be over for a while.

Story: 9.5 - The game takes place in te 1930's and you work for one of the biggest mobs around, the Corleons. In perticular most of your jobs come from people at a higher rank than you and if the person is at a lower rank than you they will pay you in person. Non the less tho you will always get your corleon tribute and the higher the rank the more cash. You will start at the bottom and work your way up to being the biggest mobster out there. The side missions are deffinently worth it too because the hits you get payed a lot of cash and i found to be almost as fun as the story it's self. You will also be called in to do favores for other people which you will only earn a little respect and well no money because it's a favor. Favors may be small but they wont be forgotten. Now the overall conclusion the story is outstanding and will constantly stay alive with many twists to it.

Buy or rent: If you think you can beat it in a week go for it, but i must say i do recomend buying it because the prices are dropping and it's a great game.