NCAA Football 2001 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Misc. Passwords

    Select Game Settings and then select the Secret Codes, then enter the following as your password:

    Code Effect
    SCRAMBLE Fast Players
    OPENSESAME All stadiums unlocked
    BULLDOZER Juggernaut team
    HEADCOACH Maximum recruiting points
    BALLER Maximum attribute points
    HANDSOFGLUE Receivers always catch
    OSKIE Defense always intercepts
    MINDREADER View CPU plays
    DAYNIGHT Faster daytime effects
    Y2K Change the date
    SAFETY Wind at maximum
    CEMENTFEET Slower Players
    POPULARITY Whole Poll
  2. Touchdown Celebration

    After scoring a touchdown, immediately press and hold one of the following buttons to do a celebration. Warning: It will cause you a penalty, unsportsmanlike conduct)

    Code Effect
    Square Hulk Hogan Pose
    X Take a Bow
    Triangle Backflip
    Circle Spike The Ball
    R1 Spin The Ball