Good game, not great.

User Rating: 7 | NCAA Football 14 X360

I thought when I bought this game that it would be huge step up from NCAA football 12. It had its positives. They added ultimate team which was very cool. They also added the Nike skills trainer which helps you perfect your game. Except they did hardly anything to improve road to glory and dynasty. Those are the two major game modes, and there were few noticeable differences. On the other hand they improved the physics a lot and the game presentation is very cool. They also made the main page very simple to figure out, and all the other menus as well. They were almost too simple. In the end this game is not a big improvement from 2012, but it adds lots of new content. I would recommend this game to my friend because it is a big step up from much older games and hey, Denard is on the front.