NCAA PS3 Dynasty / LOOKING! for Good members

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Would like to get a Dyansty going email me at All Am on offense, Varsity on Defense, 7 minutes.... AI lowered tackling, Lowered human pass rush, Slightly Lowred CPU ints I would like to get 3 players in the saem conference or division 12 players allowed, 6 consistent players asked Will need to set up a message system, to alert when goign to be slow, or to schedule game times Will begin with Week 1 and not preseason, (doesn't affect much) I joined a Dyanasty with 9 players as Bowling Green, set up my board, recruited, played game 1 But no one seems to be active anymore, There are a few (most 1 in a few conferences) conference realignments, nothing too significant, A lot of southern schools in CUSA instead of Sun Belt Please contact me if interested with a certain team you want, and maybe some alternative options as I would like to ensure there are member players across the college landscape & scheduled readily via conference scheduling ***** PLEASE OFFER ANY SUGGESTIONS!
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Once things are in place, I plan on giving 5 days before a week advance