Defenders cant win the Heisman?

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As title says. I've had a few players go off on my team with some ridiculous stats defensivly, and just end up being true game changers but I dont see any recognization or them even coming up in the Heisman race. All I've seen(Im in year 2022 now) is QB's and HB's, maybe WR's(I honestly can't remember off the top of my head seeing any WR's).

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Charles Woodson... The end.

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Talking NCAA14, I know Defenders 'can' win the Heisman, but in game they aparently cant? Had a DE that broke the school and NCAA records for sacks a game and sacks a season, had the most tackles out of every player in the league, and still wasnt even a candidate. And as I said previously, going on 10 years + now and as far as I can tell I havnt seen any positions other than HB's and QB's(Possibly WR's).

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He didnt win it because of defense. he won it because of PR and KR TDS,