New PS3 C-USA Online Dynasty

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Dynasty Headquarters: First of all, this OD will have lots of user games since it's one single conference, so if you are unable to get your games in against another user twice a week, then don't bother joining. We are a community of players who are in serious leagues with long-term implications, so if you intend on leaving after you lose, or you simply lose interest, don't bother. This is a cheese-free OD. All users must punt on fourth down, unless the game is on the line in the fourth quarter or if you're at or around your opponent's 40 yard line. No abuse of money plays and/or taking advantage of the AI. Stand in the pocket, play straight up. There is zero tolerance for this. - Create New Coach - Oversigning: Allowed - Custom Playbooks: Allowed - Sliders: Jarodd21 Heisman - Rosters: volstopfan14 - Recruiting Difficulty: All-American C-USA East: ECU Marshall Memphis Southern Miss UAB UCF C-USA West: Houston Rice SMU (Taken) Tulane Tulsa UTEP If you're interested, again, our dynasty headquarters will be hosted on this site: My name on there is Trebiecyde, so send me a friend request or hit me up on PSN (Trebiecyde). Feel free to post right here in this thread with your PSN & team you'd like to use. Thanks