Heisman Xbox 360 SEC Dynasty 5 active users looking for more players.

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Heisman Recruiting, Heisman Difficulty. Advance every day or every 2 days if people need an extra day to play their user game. After 2 days we adv regardless if a user is ready or not. We are looking for a couple of dedicated active users. We currently have a full dynasty of 8 members, but we are always looking for more dedicated users. We give people a trial run to see how active/dedicated they are before we accept them as a permanent dynasty member. Every season, if we find that a new recruit doesn't ready up (have a green dot next to their name) for the majority of their games (without letting the commissioner know the day of/when we adv) during the season, we try and find new players to take their place. As we know the dynasty can only be as good as the group chooses to make it. In short, we like to shuffle out the less dedicated users for new potential recruits/future members, making the dynasty more enjoyable for active users. We have 2 spots open for dedicated recruits to replace the less active users. We will be starting a new season soon. Message me on xbox live (Yobabysdaddy456) or reply to the thread for consideration. Pisonue is the commissioner.
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Auburn,LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Arkansas. Are available.. Dynasty is filling up quickly. need 2 more players. Message Yobabysdaddy456 on xbox live for an invite.