Anyone looking to join an established Online Dynasty?

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Hello all, I run the Fixer Upper Dynasty.

The premise is that we all start as lowly offensive or defensive coordinators at 1 star schools and either build our teams into powerhouses or use your success to find greener coaching pastures.

I've been running this dynasty since Online Dynasties were new to the NCAA series and have a very good group of guys who have been playing together for years. Unfortunately I have a few openings and I'm looking for new members.

We advance roughly every 2-3 days and play on All-American difficulty.

If you're interested, please send me a message on Xbox Live (gamertag: usjo53)

We're currently in week 3 and could be advancing to week 4 as early as tonight. I have 3 spots open and there are several teams open. Teams that are not available are: Western Kentucky, Texas State, Utah State, UL Lafayette, San Jose State, Florida International, and Army

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We're getting ready to start season number 2 and have 5 spots open if anyone is interested. Just drop me a line on XBL