This game is a '9' if it is the very first NCAA you have bought, but a '1' if you have owed previous versions

User Rating: 5 | NCAA Football 10 X360
On one hand, it seems unfair to give this game a '5', because - if this was your first time playing one of EA's college football games, it would be a blast - but the glaring truth of the matter is that EA continue to repackage the same product, year after year, and charge full price every single time.

I view this as not only unfair, but also a terrible move away from innovation. Think about it: how different is this game from NCAA 2004 on the original x-box? why on earth would it take so long for the NCAA series on the 360 to catch up to having the same kind of features and options as one of the last NCAA games on the original x-box? my opinon? they are bleeding the series out and squeezing every last dollar out of game dynamics we already KNOW they knew about, rather than trying to focus on genuinely 'new' stuff that advances their own game. It's a bum deal indeed.

Fairness would be a rebate for anyone who has owned one of the previous NCAA installments, rather than asking us to pay full price for essentially new rosters and a couple of expanded features. That or; if you already own the last version, include the new version as downloadable content for a more reasonable fee. If they did that, I'd buy this game without complaint, but I honestly think that what they are doing year after year is an insult to gamers like myself, and it tarnishes EA's name, which is a shame, as they have been involved (by way of buying up companies) in some pretty decent games of late.

Wake up EA, stop screwing us, b/c in the long run, consumers really will equate your name with crap. Heck, I already spend ages reading up on EA games before I buy, just to make sure the product really is good, rather than just buying on impulse from the hype.

Sorry for the long opinion, and I know I didn't touch much on the finer points of this game, but it really is a case of 'been there, done that' with this game.