WTF? Seriously EA...? A complete LETDOWN for LOYAL consumers of EA games! The biggest mockery of progress ever

User Rating: 4 | NCAA Football 10 X360
1st off, let me say that if anyone represents the classic EA Football game fan...IT'S ME!! W/ that being said, I believe I represent the population when I say I feel like boycotting EA after putting out NCAA Football 09 w/ a new cover and charging me $60 for it! Let me tell you why........ This is 2010 edition? What? Trust me....the gameplay is still the same (AS ALWAYS) so I don't necessarily have issues with the overall feel of the game but NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I thought game DEVELOPERS "Develop" new ideas and concepts, not the same old stagnant recruiting mode where you can't even play a back to back games in dynasty mode w/ out spending 10-15 minutes recruiting in between them. (at least if you want good recruits...cause no matter how I modify the recruiting sliders my recruiters love 1,2, and 3 star recruits when I play as Nebraska...what?) Also, where is a new off season list or interface? I'm tired of "graduating players" and "Progress reports"...For real though, where are some new ideas at? No new off season modes.....none! They say the recruiting is revamped and so forth but let me tell you I'm 3 games into my season and spending the time recruiting is BORING!! Not exciting...or thought provoking....same old the recruit over with the school's prestige and athletic facilities (or anything they're interested in that your school has a high rating for) and recruit 14 5 star players in the same class! (like that ever happens in real life, LOL) This is pathetic..... 2nd, I'm PO'D to see that I have to PURCHASE the only "new" game modes....this is a joke and a total BREACH of my loyalty agreement since I've been buying every single NCAA game since 2000....(Some would say I'm stupid but I just say I love college football and I love video games) This is seriously a joke. 3rd, the ROSTERS AREN'T CORRECT!!! I play as the good old Cornhuskers and I was surprised to find three players on our last year's roster on this game! LOL!!! GOOD PLAYERS....not some Didley Dudley Joe Blow who rides the bench. I can't say I've checked the conference rosters yet to see if my rivals are completely updated but that alone let me know SOMEBODY WAS SLEEPING! 4th, where are the refs? Are they only in Madden so EA can coax me into spending $60 more dollars to enjoy the finer visuals....? Push the refs and the other fine details over on the consumer to create hype about nothing! I've been on this site looking at the Madden updates (and I'm just as crazy for Madden) and the only thing I read is related to visuals and this new tackling feature (which won't even be a fluid animation for a couple years yet) 5th, the animations are flat out funny at times...and not in a realisitically good way either....The tackling still looks unrealistic and I often feel like I can only HOPE to make the tackle instead of making the tackle (like my 97 rated overall DT should!!) This game still feels way too easy at times even with modified game settings! Passing is so A.I. to recognize the same 5 yd-in route I'm running consistently for good chunks of yards! No A.I. to realize I've run the ball down the middle literally four times in a row......they still play cover 3 or even nickel back which is confusing to me a strategist. I don't think the GAME DEVELOPERS actually understand the "fundamentals" of football. I just wish the game would actually play me like a football minded coach instead of a lame ass CPU who runs predictable routes into triple coverage without breaking the route to find open ground....The simple things in this game are just overlooked over and over and it's hard for me to accept that! Now I know I will read the same old "this game rules" reviews from younger consumers but as a 23 year old male who has been playing college football games since Bill Walsh was in my living room on my Super Nintendo, I'm thoroughly disappointed with the direction of video gaming as a whole. This game is far from great....FAR..FAR...FAR...FAR...going back, back, back, gone FAR! All in all, this game is still NCAA Football but it is missing A LOT OF KEY ELEMENTS that represent a year's time for the development team to work with. I'm hesitant to invest in Madden now and after playing Fight Night 4 and now this game, I'm beginning to think EA took budget cuts from the recession and fired all the right guys cause this new wave of EA games isn't impressive yet. Tiger Woods has more replay value than this game.....that's not a joke either!