Save yourself $40 and buy ncaa 09 and update the rosters yourself.

User Rating: 6 | NCAA Football 10 X360
This game is a carbon copy of last years. The only difference is, this years game has the new in game stratagies(aka instant penalty sliders). The game is the same EA sports quota filler they put out every year. I'm sure I'll get "warned" for this review but maybe someday EA will put out a good football game and not rely on the fact that there is no competition bc they bought it out. Same tackles, same horrible 90 degree turns by ball carriers with one leg in the air and the exact same horrific tackles every down...every play. Every tackle in college football is not a spleen bursting, Bill Goldberg spear. I would love to pick out something good from this game but I cant. I haven't tried any of the "new" modes this year, like the road to glory or season showdown but I know for a fact, that as far as you and a buddy powering on and will not be happy with the $63 you spent on it.