NCAA football 2010 doesn't make many changes but a couple of the changes they did made you notice.

User Rating: 8.5 | NCAA Football 10 PS3
Summers here and that means kids are packing up for college, with that in mind EA brought NCAA football in July and it lives up to the hype, not many changes but all and all a cool game. NCAA football 2010 is mostly the same game the last couple years. With a couple new changes however. The first one thats not a big change is Road to Glory which stars with Erin Andrews in it, its not a big change but it brings back the campus which is pretty cool but not exactly the biggest change. The biggest one is Season Showdown, and what that is is you pick a team any team and every game, online or offline, Franchise or Exhibition is counted for your team. Such things as Sportsmanship and shutting down an offense will gain you points, while unsportsmanship and giving up a lot of points drops your score. Your score and level will eventually go up. Its probably the biggest change this year along with some of the glitches. The AI isn't so stupid you get an encroachment call every 5 minutes but again like the past couple games holding calls are essential. Almost every good kick or punt return will be returned back for a holding call. Its not the worst but it will get annoying quickly. The graphics are still pretty mediocre even for a next generation console. Still a pretty good game that has its ups and downs. Its still the same college football from 09 but it has made a couple changes. Conclusion, EA spent not much time going forward on NCAA and more time on Madden hence the reason its not as good. You can tell EA is trying to move forward and they will eventually. NCAA football gets an 8.5 out of 10