A truly unforgettable experience that is just as great now as it was four years ago.

While many games claim to give the player the freedom to do whatever he/she wants to in a huge gameworld Morrowind is one of the few where this claim is actually true. Morrowind takes some patience to get into but that patience will be rewarded many times over with 100's maybe 1000's of hours of play. Without mods graphically Morrowind is now showing its age, however with the right mods the game looks great. Morrowind is so much better than Oblivion in so many ways. There are more quests and guilds, the story is far better and the player is allowed to make mistakes and think for himself. The only downside is the combat can be a little underwhelming. If you don't like to use your brain and want to just blast through games then Morrowind isn't for you, however if you've the time and patience then Morrowind is an experience not to be missed.