Good, very short not worth price

OK where do we start the game itself is awesome it really gives a feel of the old tombz but for me 6 hours 1000 gamerscore isnt a lifespanned game.i dont know about yourselves? me personaly i didnt have to spend my well stolen cash on this game my friend did LAWL the story is good puzzles puzzling and the boobs big but not worth the uk price of £50 i must say tho adventuring around the mansion was alot of fun but sadly not as fun as tombraider 2 graphics on this game though were rather smooth mind you not the best game to illustrate the soul power of the 360 but does the job with fast charecter animations and clear sounds making adventuring a worth while experience whereas the aftertaste not so worthwhile im giving lara a 6 as the only thing that lets her down is the length.