Unbelievable it's not 9.9, because this game is currently the king in my eyes.

Not really hyped about as much as gears of war, but It should be. This game delivers blisteringly good graphics and great Online/Offline Gameplay.

I don't know about you but i'm on XBL, and also into clans. This game as a clan-game is the best no doubt. It's teamwork or nothing. You customize yourself, face appearance, Face decorations, even face mapping. You pick pretty much everything your wear (No you can't go around With barely anything on)

Online, your armor, Equipment(Guns) and clothing is very important for 2 reasons:
1) Clothing matters due to the fact, You want to be stylish.. Duh?

2) Due to the fact the lighter the armor, The more mobile you are, and vice versa. So if your a player that likes to get to the spot, and fast then light armour is for you, and guns, depending on the map and game type is what you should contemplate what gun your going to use on, Smaller maps; Closer Combat; Fast+Bigger magazine gun? Makes sense 'eh

So if you're looking for hard-hitting, Challenging and team-based online or offline gameplay, I would definately choose this over gears of war. If your about to buy it, Look at the learning curve, because you can't jump in and be good like you can with most shooters. You need to have Shooting Game Logic and Patience. If you qualify for those 2 things, you qualify for the game. NOW GO GET IT


All of the writing was MY Opinion. It would be appreciated if you would Agree/Disagree with this review so i can find out just how many people feel the same. Thankyou