If your a fan of long load times and laggy play then this is for you!

I just bought this game yesterday and put it down after a fustrating 20 minutes. The game looks like it would be great except for a couple huge problems.

LAG - I know, in an xbox game? Yep, the music skips during loading menus, as your going down the hill the game stops to load as well. Horrible. The draw distance is poor as well. My game stopped to load as I was playing and I could see trees, rails, and skiers spawning in down the hill.

LOAD TIMES - At one point I waited 1 whole minute for a menu to load. It doesn't sound like a lot but sitting in front of your tv with music skipping and a little load sign spinning for 1 minute seems like eternity

I found the character selection very uninpired as well. Kudos for adding snowboarders and skiers but EA come on, i expected better in a finshed product.