This game is a true next generation title using the brand new SIXAXIS controls people. Only problem you have to learn!!!

I Think this is a tue next generation title using the new SIXAXIS control. Only problem is that everybody not used to it. Its get frusrtating just like any other game when first learning how to play. Ok nobody knows how to do Fatality on Mortal Kombat or any other game but when you learn it, it takes time to lear just like when a baby crawls and then walks. Anyways LAIR is a good game and will get better with maybe a firmwire update from Sony just like people were complaining about Motorstorm and know you can download Time Attack mode. I hope they have a firmwire update on an Anolog control because of the critisize of people and the experience with this game(Gamespot, IGN, and others that are individual). I suggest everyone have their own opinon because like they say dont listen to everyone you are grown up your self make your own decision.