The WarioWare series is genius in its simplicity and has always provided us great fun, and Smooth Moves is the best one

Yep, I said it. WarioWare: Smooth Moves is the best WarioWare game in the series yet. It tops the original, Touched, and Twisted. Why is this? For two reasons. First off, it's the only WarioWare created with the intention of being played on a console rather than a handheld, and secondly, because it makes amazing use of the Wii Remote's motion sensitive capabilities.

Premise (for those who haven't played any WarioWare games)
WarioWare is a series of "microgames" that are played in rapid succession. You being a level with four lives and play through dozens of small games that each have a simple goal and last only a few seconds. You continue playing until you lose all of your lives. The goal is to get through as many microgames as you can. As you progress, the games get both harder and faster.

Gameplay: 11/10
The gameplay is very well thought out. You begin with an introductory stage made up of microgames based solely on pointing the Wii Remote ("The Remote Control" position). Afterwards, you go through various levels and learn different positions to hold the Wii Remote. For instance, the Mohawk position is holding the Wii Remote above your head, and the Samuri position is holding the Wii Remote by your left hip with your right hand (as if pulling out a samuri sword). While playing through microgames, the screen will tell you which position you need to hold the Wii Remote in for the upcoming game, and give you a few seconds to get in position and ready for the game. As confusing as the game may seem, it becomes clear almost immediately when you play it.

Graphics: 10/10
This is the other huge upside. The WarioWare games have always been known for their odd but entertaining visual style. But since they have all been on handheld systems up to this point, we haven't yet seen what the designers are capable of. That's all changed now, though. This game features so many different styles of art and graphics, all thrown at you in rapid succession. One second you'll have a 3D representation of a store cashier, and the next you will have a bunch of cartoonish styled dancing cats. It's difficult to explain in words really. Overall, the game looks amazing, and the graphics complement the fast and furious gameplay perfectly.

Sound: 10/10
No surprises here. Lot's of characters voices commenting on your performance and fast, catchy music that goes along with the game. The music stands out just like the rest of the game.

Brevity and Replay Value
I have to go over one issue with this game, and it is an issue that the WarioWare series has always had. It's short. You will literally be watching the end credits within 3 hours of play, I guarantee it. Like the rest of the series, there is more to do afterwards. However, Smooth Moves adds to the replay value with a multiplayer mode and various other levels, such as a fitness level and a level entirely of games using the nunchuk extension controller. This game does fix the brevity issue that the series has always had somewhat, although I still recommend renting it when you need something to do. Ultimately, the game is great and will be a crucial part of any Wii owner's collection in the future, but it just might not be worth the money now.

Pros and Cons

+Extremely Innovative
+Superb display of the Wii's motion sensitive capabilities that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 just don't have
+Lots of things to do after you beat the game
+Multiplayer Fun

-Mulltiplayer only available after you beat the main part of the game (this won't be hard though, don't worry)

Overall: Don't spend more than $30 on this game, unless you plan on playing it with friends constantly. It's excellent as a rent, but hold off on buying it for now.