Lords of Magic is an interesting strategy and sometimes manages to be pretty fun.

Lords of Magic is a starategy game with various different elements mixed in. The overview map, where you'll move your units around to cities and what-not takes place in turns while combat takes place in real time. This game has amazing depth and will require quite some time to get used to all the intricies of combat and recruiting, etc... You select a hero from one of eight different powers and attempt to gain fame and power 'till you can fight the last boss. During this time, however, you must face the other seven powers to come out the strongest. Lords of Magic is set in a fantasy type realm with heroes, mages, theives, and the like. You'll search for artifacts, make alliances, train your units, and as many would say, much much more. As you complete quests and gain fame and experience, you can recruit more units and level old units as with an RPG. Because of this, you'll have to give thought to who you want to bring in battle since you'll want to keep your higher level units. When it comes time for a battle, you are taken to another screen where your men and the opponent are lined up on opposite sides. The battles take place in real time, but are a bit of a mix though. You can pause them whenever you wish if real time is just not your thing, but on whole, the battles are messy anyways. When the two sides meet, everything gets a little crazy and all you can do is hope your guys come out on top. Sometimes you won't even be able to see your men through all the commotion, and sadly enough, the AI leaves much to be desired. If you're absolutely bored out of your mind then this game might occupy you for awhile, but it really doesn't have anything to keep you coming back.