Bad A.I.

User Rating: 7 | NBA Live 10 PS3
Out of all of the reviews I have seen, everyone tends to forget to mention the cloudy AI. The game's graphics is an ovehaul but not that great. For instance, N.B.A. Live 09's player models may have been a tad thin. They Looked more realistic, This year The player models somewhat look like toys. They did actually minimize the size of the over sized leg sleeves, the net actually moves now. [the minor things thats worth a mention] Now on to the gameplay, the game does move A LITTLE BIT smoother than last years, but not much. The pick and roll does not work that great, even when u command your screener to roll off of the pick. I understand where they were going with the manual control scheme. But if your players does not move around and just stand there or when you call plays and they don't run them properly, then its just frustrating. The defense is the most frustrating thing about the whole game. First of all when you strip the ball players are supposed to go for it. Not here, they just stand there and watch, and when someone does save it, 7 times out of 10 they toss it to the opposing team. As far as rebounding goes, if you play live, you'd know last year's was terrible, thats why on DEFAULT SETTINGS it was automatic that the computer's rebounding abillity was low because they grab EVERYTHING. No matter what, I don't care who you got down there or who you control. Honestly the game feels like they tried at first and then got lazy towards the end, because what really messes this game up is the non responsive teammates [i feel they could have fixed that]. This game doesn't feel like a true basketball game, it feels kind of rushed if you ask me.