Same game as City of Heroes but with new costumes and different names of the mobs.

Once you look beyond the new zones, the new archtypes/powersets, the different costumes and the upgraded graphics engine, you will find this game is exactly the same game as City Of Heroes. Well not City Of Heroes as it was a year ago, but the City Of Heroes as it became after numerous nerfs.

If you remove the new archetypes/powersets, this would have been a regular patch and not something that would earn the right to call itself a "whole different game".

The missions are just the same except for the textures and the gameplay has slowed down considerably from the original City of Heroes with forced teaming and constant deaths.

I used to love City of Heroes. Played at least 4-5 hrs a day, but now I don't feel very super anymore. I was hoping that City of Villains would bring the flare back and put the FUN back into this mmorpg, but it didn't help.

Add to that the constant respec's of your character, once for each Issue (that's what they call the updates) and there has been 6 of them so far since release of CoH, another one due late december.

This is one of the games/upgrades I wish I hadn't bought...