NBA JAM was the coolest arcade bball game for sega!

User Rating: 9.1 | NBA Jam GEN
I remember the good ol' days when i was younger & had no responsibility but just go to school and do my homework.......... ahhhhh good times. And all i did on the weekends was to play my Sega genesis until i fell asleep! Those were the days my friend!

Now, Lets talk about this kick-ass game from Sega called NBA JAM, First things first its a 3-on-3 setup and there are player practices(which are very fun!).

The #1 reason i like this game is because it's "arcadey", i mean some of the dunks you do NObody could do on the basketball court! and I think that is so very cool! Plus the comentary is like one of the best! he just screams at you. 'WIDE OPEN' or HE'S ON FIRE or my favorite, 'FROM DOWNTOWN'!!!

NBA JAM is great from kids to adults who just want to get away from the real basketball games & play some free for all excitement.