There are many ups and downs to this game. For those gamers who are looking for a realistic game to play a real basketball game with rules well you are out of luck. In this game there is no out of bounds. There are also no fouling in this game, you can push people to get the ball. Also anothier bad thing is that it is unrealistic. You can dunk from the three point line. You can jump over 10 feet in the air. The good things about this game are that it is unbelievably fun. The unlockable teams include teams that have aliens, presidents, robots, and ur worst nightmares like ghosts and frankenstein. Also there is a legend tournament where you can unlock old school teams. The comentator in this game is also crazy. He says some mad funny things such as BOOMSHACKALACA THIS IS GAME IS FUN AND ALWAYS HAS A SUPRISE WAITING AROUND THE CORNER.