User Rating: 9.4 | NBA Jam: Tournament Edition SNES
NBA JAM T.E was one of the finest basketball game to grace the consoles back in the mid 90's! This game is pretty much an upgrade to the awesome NBA JAM, but everything about this game is just two steps better. Control was the main problem in the first NBA JAM, controls were a bit loose with the first one; but this one is near perfect! Everything handles like a basketball game should, and it also introduced the ever popular "turbo" boost in most of today's games! In terms of game play, this is an arcade 2 on 2 bball game, and it was best with multiplayers! You get to choose between the 29 NBA teams, and you choose the two players you will be playing with, and change them in half time if they players get too tired! One of the coolest thing about this game was the cheats, and there were plenty of cheats in this game! These varied from having secret teams, secret characters (Bill & Hillary Clinton), to super human moves! This game was soo amazing that i remember staying up until 12 (on school nights, i was in middle school) with my brother, and playing NBA JAM TE!