Greatest arcade-style basketball game ever made

User Rating: 9.6 | NBA Jam Tournament Edition GEN
NBA Jam Tournament Edition is an improved version of NBA Jam. The game is a 2-on-2 arcade style basketball game with no fouls, outrageous slam dunks, power up abilities, and many hidden characters. There is great variety between the dunks, one of the many draws to the game. The NBA Jam series is famously known for the commentator who shouts phrases like "Boomshakala" after a huge slam dunk, and for "Oh my he's on fire!" What separates Tournament Edition from the normal version of NBA Jam are the power-up abilities that appear as random icons on court, as well as random hot-spots that you can shoot from that are worth up to 9pts. Power-up abilities range from a D which let's you dunk from anywhere on the court, a T which gives you unlimited use of the Turbo button, a 3 which improves your 3pt shooting, etc. This inclusion adds a great deal of fun to the game and adds plenty of surprises and twists as these power-ups and hot-spots randomly appear on the court. There are also many codes and hidden characters which add to the fun as well. For example, you can play as team mascots and even president Bill Clinton!

Gameplay: the controls are perfect. NBA Jam is timeless due to the perfect controls, they couldn't have been made any better.

Sound: the sound is decent overall, but the music during the game isn't that appealing. However, the memorable commentating makes up for the flaws.

Graphics: good for it's time, nothing mind-blowing.

Value: Amazing value. NBA Jam TE is extremely addictive and fun, even if you aren't necessarily a basketball fan. You will play countless hours of this game.