FEAR 2 is what the original should have been. It is a sharp, fun, riff shooter with some great moments.

The original FEAR was fun, but suffered from a story with bleeding ceilings, conspiracy and undead things that was never developed and little used.

This time around the elements are used to greater effect, the story a bit stronger. But honestly the story does not really matter.

This is about high-frame-rate shooting with some creepy moments. Sort of a survival horror light FPS SciFi action shooter.

Gone is a lot of the level monotony of endless hallways that look the same. The AI is a little better, but many of the opponents show little real battle smarts.

There are some fun level design variations and key conflicts that are truly a gas.

My advice, if you are looking for some good action, don't mind blowing the heads off a few undead things and some truly creepy moments I think this is a sleeper shooter.

If you are looking for a challenging FPS that makes you bring your best game, this is probably not it.