Fun and easy going Sim!

Im personally not a Sim fan at all but this game has something about it thats almost everyone will enjoy.

There isnt a real story besides the one you make yourself...your life in the game is the story. A short scene is about all you get from story. It fill you in on what exsactly going on with you and where you headed.

I always knew DS can do games with good graphics and this is one of them. The graphics are very similiar to the GC version just a bit dimmed town and not as crisp. If you have seen or played the N64 game then its exsactly the same. The characters look good and very detailed...facial experssion is a big thing here and you get lots of it.
Its all 3D with a nice rolling log kinda perspective.

The gameplay is great...there is almost nothing that you cant do. Design, make a house, make music, plant trees, make constilations, get fossiles for museum, talk to neighbors...you get the idea.
Its really easy to get in and startplaying. The menues are simple and very user friendly.

The music is fine...there is a tune for almost everything, differnt roon=different tune. The fun thing is you can make your own and listen to it

Replay value here is unlimited because there is something to do everyday, all year round.